Interestingly many persons, and suffice to say journalists are unaware of their career choices as creative expressions. Needless to say there are several careers where the Arts are either utilised and or applied, or simply are creative expressions within themselves.

NEWSPAPER in DESIGN: Page designed by the Gleaner’s Children Own employs visual and literary skills by the paginator
NEWSPAPER in DESIGN: A page from the Gleaner's Children Own employs visual and literary skills.

CLICK to READ: Three funfilled days of OAaSIS – May 24, 2010: Permission must be sought from the Gleaner company of the owners of this site before downloads are done

For printed media there are at least 20 careers starting with the actual interview (literary arts), writing (literary arts), especially for feature articles and even paginating (visual arts), or layout of pages.
For broadcast, there is consideration for application of one’s creativity to conducting interviews, and reporting so succintly in the set time alloted. There are the advertisements which employs at least two or all three main forms which are literary, performing and visual.

Journalists as with any other field not directly related to the Arts collectively who understand the mechanisms, elements of Arts and Creativity and of course how to apply to their fields are more successful.
It is with a better understandin g of more than what meets one at the surface and how to creatively compete which often yield dynamic results, and places the person in a position to stay buoyant with positive competion. Hence the business or company ultimately benefits.

Here are a few references from media coverage, on the OAaSIS International. The content will be interesting, but care must be taken too in understanding how the elements of arts and creativity were employed as tools to add appeal.

TVJ features OAaSIS on Smile Jamaica, Its Morning Time programme
Please click to read Allman Town Primary paints for Bank of Jamaica – January 31, 2010: Before you dare to download this please obtain permission

The material have been uploaded to be used for reference with the kind permission of the Gleaner Company and CVM, in support of OAaSIS and its thrust.

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