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Welcome to OAaSIS International, a not-for-financial profit foundation established to sensitise and immerse Jamaica’s youth in arts, creativity and culture.
Within the OAaSIS International Foundation is a network of artists(es) for advancing the creative power of today’s youth and artists(es), in building a nation of achievers JAMAICA FIRST!

To achieve its goals, OAaSIS hosts projects: Creative workshop series, Libraries, Creative Departments.

At OAaSIS, we
O -Operate
A – Advance
a -and


OAaSIS founded Pickney International Creative Youth club (PIcyc) to further expose, empower, train youth on, through and by the arts on an ongoing basis. PIcyc is the ongoing arm for the creative workshop series and operations include by mailed out coursework.
PIcyc provides services geared to assist in general career building, and, development of the total individual with the arts as a main tool.

OAaSIS hosts a variety of events to raise funds for its operations and projects. Fundraisers include Suite Jamaica.

REMEMBER: You can assist in time or dime.
Through method such as paypal you can

11 Responses to Welcome

  1. Ruth Lawrence

    Your site makes for interesting reading. Some projects are reminiscent of connections I had years ago. Happy you are making use of them.


  2. admin

    Thank you Ruth Lawrence. Hope you enjoy and support! BLESS

  3. Denise Salmon

    Children will have fun in –a coloring book with a fun filled story and puzzles too.

  4. Trudy-Ann Williams

    This is a very good initiative and in whatever way I can give my support I am willing.

  5. Anthea

    Dear Ms Trudy Williams,
    Owing to challenges, we could not respond before. Some relevant data to our foundation also went missing from this site, and we hope to replace in the near future as we have changed hosts recently. We apologise for any resulting inconveniences.

    Thank you for your kind words and your willingness to assist. You did not make it clear if you located in Jamaica or abroad. Either way.. please do see our list of needs… and feel free to assist!

    Anthea McGibbon, CEO

  6. Anthea

    Dear Ms Salmon,
    Please write in with your request as to what you wish to do with your information. Do you wish to purchase an advertisement on our site, or be featured through an article. As such, please send a relevant press release for consideration. Otherwise, we deem your comment as an advertisement of your product and not as immediately bearing relevance to the material on this site. I has been edited before approval.
    – Administrator

  7. Henry Mortimer Lindo

    Even at a mere glance I am compelled to become an active member of this Foundation.
    Equally, I must commend you for your vision and profound dense of sticktoitiveness.
    The Jamaican youths will be wealthier for this.
    This is a fine example of leading from in front and not in the confines of an armchair.
    I will express my best wishes by becoming an active member.
    May Jehovah God visit the Foundation with His continuous Blessings.

  8. Henry Mortimer Lindo

    Correction: ..profound sense of…..

  9. OAaSIS Communications

    Thank You Mr Mortimer for your kind words. May we live your challenge. Your input and actual participation in our projects is welcome.

  10. amaila loney

    I an doing my art sba and I need an artist to interview so could somebody please help me

  11. Anthea

    Dear Ms Loney, Did you get through. Perhaps you could give more details on the type of artist you wish so I can choose one from the many I communicate with.

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