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• Materials List

Materials WE NEED all the time:

• Construction paper
• Poster paint
• Markers
• Crayons
• Cardboard eg from old cornflakes boxes
• Styro plates and cups
• Toothbrushes
• Pastels Crayons
• Beads/Seeds/coloured pebbles
• Coloured wool/string (s)

We do more than craft... We indulge children in the ARTS

We do more than craft… We indulge children in the ARTS

• Rubber bands
• Newsprint/paper
• Balloons various sizes
• Glue/lots of it
• Big basins
• Storage bins
• Filing cabinets
• Computers
• Bottle covers
• Buttons
• brightly colored decorated fabric with various pattern & colours etc
• stapler & staples
• paper punches
• fine binding wire
• paint brushes
• sponge
• foam and foam board
• john crow beads
• shells
• acrylic paint
• water tape
• canvas or calico substitute
• charcoal
• fishing line
• notebooks
• scissors
• cartridge paper, drawing paper, sketch pads
• parchment paper
• ruled paper, pens, pencils
• crocus bag
• plaster of paris
• simple clay

FOR THE Pickney International Creative Club
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Musical instruments built by Jamaicans
Books written and designed by Jamaicans

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