On June 15, OAaSIS International creative workshop series was held in St Ann to honour Christopher Gonzalez, Jamaican artist, but those in attendance received much more. They were also treated to a full inhouse exhibition of the works of Christopher Gonzalez.

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Artistes Boom Steppa, Rollie Fresh and Jermaine Gordon offering three distinct styles of performances, gave the guests a dynamic package in making new connection with the Diaspora. All three were humbled to see other great artworks by Chris Gonzalez, who for them is popularly known for the controversial Bob Marley statue, now erected in St Ann.

ANTHEA McGIBBON photo: Artists compliment Gonzalez family in an artist family pose.

Alternating with presentations by visual artists including Bernard Hoyes, Reiko Nagase, Dwayne Hamilton, the three artistes kept the guest which was 70 per cent Jamaicans from within the Diaspora from UK, Canada and USA cheerful and applauding.
It was not just about the delivery but the Diaspora members said afterwards that they were very impressed with the cleverness of the lyrics which they thought was a great refreshing for young minds and older persons together.
Well designed for the moments, Boom Steppa delivered his popular favourite

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