YOUTH, troubled teens and pre-teens, or simply curious ones can now have their issues dealt with without revealing their identity.
It’s all about culture, and of course, as this site features religion as well as culture, addressing issues of youth being critical are being dealt with on this site.
The questions and issues will be addressed by a team of ministers, counsellors and trained teachers. Topics will include coursework, personal, family and otherwise.
Questions and issues posed by youth will be dealt with here on and

2 thoughts on “Teens get help with problems, issues in Jamaica OAaSIS

  1. Hello,
    Good day. I’m not a teenager but I’m quite interested in assisting with this initiative or other youth-related programs. I live in Canada and a Jamaican by birth. I currently work with youth, most specifically in youth employment. I am aware that youth employment in Jamaica is next to nil. I would like to partner with a current and credible organization where I would like to start an initiative for youth employment. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards,

  2. Good day. Thank you for reaching out. Any and all assistance would be appreciated by those who benefit from OAaSIS initiatives. Please feel free to view our various projects and avenues of partnering, and let us know how you would partner with us. Otherwise feel free to call up the locations where we currently are operating for feedback on OAaSIS. Thanks in advance.

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