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ART CAREERS: Communication and Entertainment

Sometimes, the creative instincts within us are better applied in other relsating fields such as communication and entertainment. Here’s a book to guide one in careers in communication and entertainment.

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Visual Art Career: Blogging

In Jamaica, the career of blogging is little understood, but is fast catching on. Several persons can master this career especially if you have had some experience and an affair with journalism. Blogging itself, on a website or on an actual blog is perhaps the latest career for visual and literary artists alike. Well more … Continue reading »

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The art critic is one of the most sought after persons in this creative field. For one, its always good to have someone to bounce your ideas on, gain qualified feedback or just for pre-sharing. On the other hand, critics sometimes reflect the views of the public or potential client, and at times act as … Continue reading »

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Creative Jamaicans should explore and use Google

A great asset to any creative person especially a Jamaican should be a website. Not just any website, but one that can enhance you as a creative person, and certainly one that can build your financial strength. As soon as you are deciding on building a website, try getting one that has the capacity to … Continue reading »

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Art careers that pay BIG

You dont have to be a singer, an actor or painter who has sold art for millions. There are other jobs of skill that attract big bucks at times making you richer Continue reading »

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Dont get caught in the obit column with a dead career

While creativity is a tool for development and advancing oneself, its also imperative to be aware of careers and their ranking. Several articles give guidance Continue reading »

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New tool gives visitors a quick glance of OAaSIS activities

Visitors to the OAaSIS International Fdn website can have a quick glance at the latest of the organisation through special promotion areas on the front page. Continue reading »

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Jamaican photographers support online Art Careers library

Two more photographers have come aboard to provide information for the OAaSIS online art careers library. Continue reading »

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HOW TO: Show your photos in style by Cincopa

Tangled in the world wide web are so many ways to show your photos, especially with popular sites such as and Photobucket, and even Kodak. But, you want more, and far more creativity. Continue reading »

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Art Career Library: Visual Art Careers

Here are a few careers from the list of visual art careers. The list includes group fields such as journalism, writing, photography, painting, advertising careers Continue reading »

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