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Thank you for visiting this page to learn how you can become a part of us. Several projects await your input in thought, word or deed and you can view the projects page for the list.
However, if you can’t give time, please donate your dimes. Either way, every mickle makes a muckle SO Thanks-A-Lot!

BE A MEMBER, Volunteer, SPONSOR or Associate

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We invite you to do actual projects in our scheduled slots. Do your own project that fits within our guidelines, or host a project set by us with our guidance. Otherwise, come and support the presenter, by assisting to supervise, or donate to the project.


Feel free to actually conduct workshops between 15 minutes -1 hour. Otherwise, come and support the presenter by assisting to supervise or donate a dime.


You are invited to share your creative work, a poem, a book, a song etc. We have several ways of doing this, so you just need to express your interest by contacting us.


Cash and/or kind (See material list) is ALWAYS appreciated! Help us defray our expenses.

GENERAL DONATIONS ARE NEEDED to enable development through the arts and understanding of the curriculum, purchase materials not donated, equipment etc.

Through the OAaSIS International Foundation, the Pickney International Club is being launched at locations following and where the creative workshop series are being held. Allman Town Primary School is our first location. Donations at paypal are accepted.


Heart for Arts:

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6 thoughts on “Be a part

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in being a part of the organization ans as such would like to get information on doing so.

    Thank you


  2. I would like to become an active member within the organization and would like to know what the process involves.

    Awaiting your favorable response.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Dear Ms Williams,
    Please review the site for more on the tiers of membership, and write in with your specific interest.
    Anthea McGibbon, CEO

  4. Good day, Ms Trudy-Ann Williams: I hope you still are interested. Please fill in one of the forms and consider membership fee of §1,000 with a donation in cash or kind. Huge thanks on behalf of everyone!

  5. Dear Ms Litasha Williams: Good day: I hope you still are interested. We have now launched a campaign to garner official assistance from the general public. Please see our listing of projects and assistance forms and how you can assist and say how you will. This is so we can place you with a project that suits you.

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