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‘Visions’ by Ulla Leis German artist

Ulla Leis who was born in Frankfurt, Germany shows a keen interest in Jamaica and hence the OAaSIS International Foundation. No doubt because she fully understand the critical role art education plays in nation and self development. Her own work ‘Visions’ is a clear testimony of this. Her relationship with Jamaica was birthed after she … Continue reading »

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Rico joins creative club on October 27, 2016

On October 27, 2016, the day had to be rescheduled to Grades One and Grade 6. Grade one was taught how to make a book from one sheet of paper and Grade six worked at being critical thinkers. Artist Rico Nagase joined the creative club at Allman Town. This is the booklet for Grade 1 … Continue reading »

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Creative club pilot started Sept 15, 2016 at Allman Town Primary

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 was the fist day of the pilot creative club project at the Allman Town primary. Some 60 students crammed into the library to start some fun. More were waiting outside. The club is expected to meet on a weekly basis each Thursday with a schedule of activities. Art projects set to … Continue reading »

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2013: Arts Expo to earn for OAaSIS projects

READ MORE: Hotels etc showcase Jamaican art Join us at hotels, banks and other venues for art exhibition, literary and performing expressions. Watch out as we tour hotels and other interesting locations.

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First screen printing class at James street workshop

Saturday, September 14th, 2013, the workshop took the form of a silk screen class with expert printer Keith Cowan. On this day, more than five new boys showed up to join in the Saturday workshops.

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OCWS goes well at James Street innercity location

Since June 29, 2013 creative workshops have been warmly received and attended by children and parents of Central Kingston. The workshop series are held each Saturday from 10:00 to 1:30pm, at 17 James street, home of noted Jamaican sculptor Peter R Johnson who has won many awards. During school, the hours will be changed from … Continue reading »

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James Street Creative workshop on Primary Colours Aug 31

On August 31, six new children swelled the numbers at the James Street location. Visual Artist Rico Reiko Nagase, a naturalised Jamaican from Japan conducted a workshop in primary and secondary colours. Then the children could hardly sit for the quiz session by Founding Project director Anthea McGibbon. Yes it was a great day with … Continue reading »

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Melame Gange joins OAaSIS workshop at James Street

Melame Gange is an artist and artiste from the Virgin Islands who was in Jamaica for a quick visit to work on his album. On August 24th, 2013, he shows the quickest way in handpainting and printing on teeshirts for sustainable living. Other artists assisting are Rico, Peter Johnson and founding projects director Anthea McGibbon. … Continue reading »

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July 13 OCWS at James Street

Its always a pleasure when volunteer turn out, especially from areas totally opposite to the innercities of Kingston. July 13 sessions at 17 James Street, were on paper mache and face masks. Thanks to James street Thanks to Peter Johnson, Avery Barnett, Danielle Barnett, Juan Marie Daswell, Sandra ‘SanSam’ Green (former top CXC Art student) … Continue reading »

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OCWS July 13 starts late but fun for everyone!

LOCATION: 17 James street, Central Kingston The creative workshop series on July 13 got off to a late start, but was lasting. Mr Peter Johnson, location manager and artists himself deferred to assist in monitoring the children this weekend. The volunteers who assisted and conducted projects were Sandra Green, Juan-Marie Daswell, Danielle Barnett and Avery … Continue reading »

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