Come December 6-22, several artists/artistes volunteering with the OAaSIS International Foundation throughout the year will showcase their talent in a thank you exhibition in Negril.

“Be Swept Away by Jamaica’s Beauties”, is a bifocal expo comprising workshops (arts and culture) slated for two weeks, at Couples Swept Away, Negril.

With one main highlight to sensitising others especially foreign nationals to the creative power and culture of Jamaica, along with our abilities, the hotel also collaborates with the OAaSIS International Foundation to earn needed funds to offset projects by the entity.
The entity exists to empower the creative mind of youth towards building a nation of achievers, and does this through several projects such as a creative workshop series.
The artists(es) are selected on the premise that they have been consistent in volunteering with the Foundation, and keeping 85 per cent of the funds is a plus benefit to express appreciation for their work.

A view of Couples, Swept Away in Negril.

Over 100 works (original and prints), framed and unframed by mostly Jamaican artists/artistes will be offered for sale and or auction.
Artists who have already been participating in the entity’s projects, and assisting others will keep 85 per cent of sales, while the hotel has opted for the foundation to keep the rest. Non volunteers will commit 25 per cent of their earnings.
Artists confirmed include Barrington Watson, Howard Moo Young, Pinksque Green, Melhanie Spence, Rico Nagase, Yasco Ishige, Stoneman of Trench Town, and founder Anthea McGibbon.
Master painter Barrington Watson is known for his voluptous female images. He recently launched his book “Barrington: 50 years of drawing”. Howard Moo Young’s latest Bob Marley series in drawings, paintings and photography is popular and Melhanie Spence is known for her huge portraits that come alive as much as her abstracts. Anthea McGibbon who has been promoting her orchidaroma series will also display a few lifestyle and scapes of land, sea and river. Rico and Yesco are from Japan, naturalised as Jamaicans and for years Rico has been capturing locals in their natural state. Stoneman of Trench town works with fabric, painting symbols and images bearing African messages in bright colours. The patterned fabric are usually used to don large spaces of walls at a time. Special craft items will also be made available.

Couples Swept Away, Negril

Most of the pieces will be at a size fit for hand luggage, and the prints will also be available for immediate purchase and transportation.
As a special treat to visitors, there will be workshops as well as special performances and showcases of other products outside of paintings. For example Jermaine Gordon, a spiritual motivator will show his books, poetry. Along with other artistes he is slated for performance. Others listed include Boom Steppa.
The show titled Jamaica OAaSIS is an explosion of the talent found in Jamaica – performing, culinary, literary, visual.
Tourists will only be trying to get their piece to take home.


The exhibition is being held under the distinct patronage of Jane Issa.
The pieces (original and prints) and craft items will be at reasonable costs, and ready for transport. Participating Visual Artists from the support base of the Foundation, are as follows:
Barrington Watson, master painter
Bernard Hoyes, master painter (from USA)
W Henry Eccleston of New York
Rico Reico Nagase
Jermaine Gordon (books of poetry, music)
Howard Moo Young, master photographer
Melhanie Spence
Dwayne Hamilton
Pinksque Green
Lois Sherwood
Anthea McGibbon

Stoneman of Trench Town
Mother Earth
7 miles of Black Starliner

CDs by performing artistes:
Boom Steppa
Rollie Fresh
Peter Lloyd
Sophia Brown

BOOK: Comic books on reggae superstars by Nicholas daSilva
BOOK: 50 years of drawing by Barrington Watson
BOOK: Colour Your Thoughts by Jermaine Gordon
BOOK: Nature’s Thoughts by Anthea McGibbon (a preview)
We hope to see you at the opening, at least. Special performances and workshops will be the pleasure of our guests to participate in. Themes are: Orchids, Lifestyle, Portraits esp special Bob Marley series, Abstract.


Register your name for an arm band and come prepared to purchase. Be sure to say day(s) of interest
(15 per cent obligation to the Foundation.)


Swept Away rooms are US$275
Travellers Beach Resort rooms special: US$65 per room with two beds

For more information please contact:
Anthea McGibbon (876)-797-7297/ (305)-648-6963
Patrick James (876)-790-1941
Leighton Levy (876)-561-4445
Howard Moo Young 840-3357
Melhanie Spence (876)-842-1496


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