MARCUS GARVEY said .. To know where you are going, you better know where you coming from?

REX NETTLEFORD said .. To understand the development of a country and where they are going… just take a look at the way they treat there artists.

LEIGHTON LEVY in April of this year said … “Jamaica’s Creative Industry lacks structure, organisation, focus … If we structure the arts the way they should be, Jamaica has the potential to earn billions of dollars…”

PRESIDENT OBAMA says … “The future belongs to he who is educated and creative”

_________YOUR CHANCE to speak through actions ____________

OAaSIS International Foundation exists to empower the creative mind of today’s youth, and the young at heart, that they may develop collectively and individually, ultimately advancing in all areas they explore!

OAaSIS International Foundation needs YOU! With a strong base, powerhouses will be erected as lighthouses for the world.

DON’t Miss opportunities twice. Watch this video on you tube and share your coin, dollar, mite today!


– Creative workshop series
– Pickney International youth Club
– Library and Art Department at Sargeantville


– Art Exhibition @ Swept Away, Negril
– Coin collection in cans across Jamaica
– NCB account number #: 064666886


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