May 11,2010
Danel Thompson

My name is Danel Thompson. On May the 4th,6th and 7th OAaSIS International came to my school. I have learnt a lot of new things about art. The founder of OAaSIS international is Aunty Stacey-anna. On the first day of the workshop a very famous radio person, his name is Babatunda told us about his trip to a very wonderful place. Also on the first day Uncle Kemarch did some very interesting magic tricks. Uncle Jemaine was very lively and he told us to always take our smiles everywhere we go.
Then Aunty Stacey -anna told us that there are artists in our school except for the ones we know of and they are: Nadine Issacs , Violet Woulese,Claudette Hilton and more. I also learnt the three types of arts they are: visual, performing and literary.
We learnt about a new kind of art that the lunch lady do, it called Culinary. On the last day we were promised that they would have a concert for us, but Aunty Stacey-anna said we didn

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