MAY 11,2010

During the days when the OAaSIS international presenters were here we learned a lot of things. To me it was very educational, fun and entertaining. I learned a lot of stuff. I learned the three states of arts Visual, Performing, Culinary, Literary arts.
The OAaSIS presenters were exciting, fun and responsible.
On day 1, which was May 4, we gathered outside at the devotion area. We learned about arts we learned that there are different forms of arts but they all fall under three different topics, which I mentioned little before this. Later on that day there was a magician. His named is Kemarch, he did a lot of unbelievable tricks.
On the second day, we met Uncle Sydney Jumpp. He is employed to Berger paints. He has been there for 27 years. He told us that they import 95 degree w to do their work. He showed us a brochure. The berger can 20,20 has no smell.
He also told us that red stimulates, it make you wanna peee.

From Danielle Gordon, St Theresa Prep

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