3 Fun-Filled Days By The OAaSIS International Foundation

Written by Ashley Ann Davis Grade 6G
Submitted to Principal, May 10

The three days that the OAaSIS International spent at St. Theresa’s is worth telling and what I have learnt even more. They came to educate us on Art and so they did. Aunty Stacey who is a past student of St. Theresa’s was with us throughout the entire three days. It made me very proud to know that a past student of my school is now a famous artist. She taught us the three major art forms: Visual – which has to do with things like ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, photography, filmmaking, designs and crafts. Performing –such as poetry, singing, and dancing. Culinary Art could also be called a form, which has to do with cooking, the way you present a meal. I also learnt that the first and largest artist is God. Every art form would fall under God’s wonderful creation. When He spoke and it was created that is literary, when he was creating that was performing and his creations are visual.



Uncle Jermaine who is multitalented told us that smiling is also a form of art because it brings happiness to those who are feeling sad or down. He even taught us a song about it. He gave our library our newest book which he wrote himself. He told us the story of the little green frog that made it to the top of the mountain by shutting out the negative voices of those who said he couldn’t make it. From that day on I have made it my personal motto ‘the race is not for the swift but those who endure to the end’.


Talking drums
Talking drums

Aunty Jo-Ann is an ethnomusicologist was living in Burkima Faso in Africa and brought with her a TALKING DRUM. Each time you tighten the strings you get a higher pitch. It looked similar to a smaller version of a Congo Drum. She also went to Peru and brought back with her a BALAPHONE. It had a similar look to a xylophone and has 8 different notes.

Uncle MooYoung who is a photographer and artist went to many different places in Jamaica and took photographs of persons he saw and places he visited. The photographs seemed as if it spoke of how the person was feeling or the kind of place he visited.


Uncle Sydney from Berger Paints told us the location of the Berger Paints Limited and who owned it. I didn’t know that Berger Paints was owned by an Asian company or that it was located on SpanishTown road in St. Catherine. He also told us what the different colours meant, blue means calm but to me it makes me feel comfortable, cosy, safe and free. Red means danger and entices your appetite.

He told us the different Berger brands that should be used on different textures. He said, “If you have a small space and wanted it to look bigger you would use a light colour to paint it and a larger space to look smaller the other way around.”


Many other different types of artists came but if we were to tell all that was said and done I would never finish. But at the end of the day I learnt that art is in each profession.


Multitalented – a person with many talents

Ethnomusicologist – the study of music in the western culture


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