MAY 10, 2010


At the OAaSIS International workshop we met a person named Uncle Sydney Jumpp, He is employed to Berger Paints. He has been working there for 27 years now. He is also the supervisor for the Tech area, He also said red stimulates the habitat, it makes you want to pee. We learnt about gold sun, green leaves, black for hardship.

We met a lady named Aunty Stacey, she talked to us about the different types of arts which are: performing, culinary, visual and literary.
After that we met a lady named Aunt JoAnn. She sang a song about respect and introduced us to the other people.

We also met a magician named Kemarch. He introduced himself to us and then he started doing his magic tricks, it was so amazing and exciting. I think the best trick was when he took the painting of a bird and did something and a real bird came out. Then we met someone called Uncle Jermaine, he told us to shut out the negative voices and then he told us that we can be anything that we want to be, then he played the piano and we sang.

Next up was Mr Babatunde. He said that when he was young and used to go to school he had an accident. He said that he was riding on the back of a bike up a hill an someone was coming down in the wrong lane and hit him off the bike 6 feet in the air and landed on the ground and he was rushed to a hospital. He said that when he got home he could not remember anything, he did not know trees or his named. He said that he had a concussion and did not know anything. Then we arrived to the end, I had a great time.

Report from Joel Brown, St Theresa Prep

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