September 2016 saw the literal return of OAaSIS into schools after approximately two years. Over two years ago Peter Johnson was murdered at his home, the very location where OAaSIS projects were being held for the community of Central Kingston.

Several persons pledged to support the Foundation’s efforts once a more public location was identified. The Foundation staff did locate and agree to using a building off East Queen Street, but that location needs a bit of restoration.

Therefore following discussions with the principal of Allman Town primary it was agreed that in keeping with earlier discussions a few years back, the time had come to embark on the promised art club there.

September 15th, 2016 was the first day reintroducing the foundation, and initiating the club as a pilot project. Some 60 students were rotated in the library. Since then the students were rotated for art sessions based on the grades. The sessions are held every half an hour on Thursdays. On September 29th, 2016 the OAaSIS hosted sessions for boys day.

Materials that were already in the possession of the school were used.

The goal has been expanded to ensure that the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education is satisfied. The challenge therefore are that there is no funds to secure art teachers, and there is no funds to buy material for the subject which is material based.

Therefore for the first time the Foundation has considered to ask for a membership fee to offset expenses in a practical way. The entire student body expressed an interest in the creative activities and theres a lot in store planned by the foundation geared to promote the creative works and culture of Jamaicans while exposing the critical role and impact of the arts in the development of youth.

So far, facebook events have been created to solicit volunteers and materials and to alert about the membership fees and forms.

Materials needed include construction paper,

The Foundation also welcomes creative works by Jamaicans. Volunteers may either bring their work to share, or come aboard to help in supervising projects and sessions after being processed. The first step after making contact is to fill in the relevant forms and return to the school or Foundation registered office or collection location listed on this site.


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