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‘Visions’ by Ulla Leis German artist

Ulla Leis who was born in Frankfurt, Germany shows a keen interest in Jamaica and hence the OAaSIS International Foundation. No doubt because she fully understand the critical role art education plays in nation and self development. Her own work ‘Visions’ is a clear testimony of this. Her relationship with Jamaica was birthed after she … Continue reading »

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Rico joins creative club on October 27, 2016

On October 27, 2016, the day had to be rescheduled to Grades One and Grade 6. Grade one was taught how to make a book from one sheet of paper and Grade six worked at being critical thinkers. Artist Rico Nagase joined the creative club at Allman Town. This is the booklet for Grade 1 … Continue reading »

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Science and Art

Yes, science and art are the same, but yet they differ. Art and Science meet in sentiment. Some interprets that science explains feeling, while art transmits it… The Art of Science and yet.. The Science of Art The artist–scientist is an abstraction of life and the human mind representing the wonders of curiosity joined by … Continue reading »

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Visual Art Career: Blogging

In Jamaica, the career of blogging is little understood, but is fast catching on. Several persons can master this career especially if you have had some experience and an affair with journalism. Blogging itself, on a website or on an actual blog is perhaps the latest career for visual and literary artists alike. Well more … Continue reading »

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Top 10 reasons to support Arts in Jamaica

“A good artist, it is often said, is fifty to a hundred years ahead of their time. The artist must depict this new world before all the evidence is in. … Leaders must learn the same artistic discipline, they must learn to respond or conceive of something that will move in the same direction in … Continue reading »

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OAaSIS volunteer form as at October 2, 2016

Please download, fill in and return by mail, or hand delivery today. Volunteer TODAY! No regrets! VOLUNTEER today. NO REGRETS!Volunteer TODAY! No regrets! VOLUNTEER today. NO REGRETS!Volunteer TODAY! No regrets! VOLUNTEER today. NO REGRETS!Volunteer TODAY! No regrets! VOLUNTEER today. NO REGRETS!Volunteer TODAY! No regrets! VOLUNTEER today. NO REGRETS!Volunteer TODAY! No regrets! VOLUNTEER today. NO REGRETS! … Continue reading »

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OAaSIS membership form as at October 1, 2016

Using this form we welcome you to become a member or sponsor. Other forms for volunteer and associate are available on this site.

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OAaSIS Minutes: September 2016

September 2016 saw the literal return of OAaSIS into schools after approximately two years. Over two years ago Peter Johnson was murdered at his home, the very location where OAaSIS projects were being held for the community of Central Kingston. Several persons pledged to support the Foundation’s efforts once a more public location was identified. … Continue reading »

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Membership form and processing as at October 1, 2016

1. Download membership form and fill in 2. Hold on to  a copy of the completed application form for OAaSIS files. Do not send it to OAaSIS International. 3. Each member is added to the OAaSIS list, and included in the monthly membership report with name and address. 4. Entrance fee of $1,000 is collected … Continue reading »

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Rising from the storms

OAaSIS faced its own challenges since the murder of Peter Johnson over two years ago. In September 15, the first project was initialised.

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