Last week was a blast of meetings.
Interviews again were held from Monday to Tuesday. By Wednesday there was a meeting to focus on set up of Pickney International Youth club.

New core team members are:
ACTING ASST SECRETARY – Saneika Stewart 876-489-3892
ACTING ONLINE MEDIA CO-ORDINATOR – Meeckel Beecher 876-260-8180
ACTING YOUTH CLUB DIRECTOR (Acting) – Malesia Frazer (876)-364.8744
ACTING EXHIBITION OFFICER – Sharee Harley 876-432-5542
All will have opportunity to earn monies outside of OAaSIS commitments. More on minutes for September 21, 2011 on this site.

Fridays meeting saw CEO Anthea McGibbon meeting with heads of the Methodist church at the Constant Spring road HQ.
Result of that meeting, is that another meeting with the temporary committee set up for the library will be held to discuss tasks, timelines, strategies.
So far, there is a new superintendent.

The library’s name confirmed as The John Smellie library
The books will be so stamped
A plaque bearing appreciation of work by OAaSIS and the effort to collaborate on project will be installed
Temporary committee will be again sifted/replaced just before launch
There will be a management committee in place by launch
A screening committee for the books will include 3 church members, 1 OAaSIS member, 1 community member

SUITE JAMAICA has been offered new locations and confirmed a few
Schedule till December so far:
23-30: First Caribbean Bank by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS
21-29: First Caribbean Bank by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS
23-29: Open House at The Meadows @ Swansea, Mocho, Clarendon
29-29: Show, Aviation Club Dinner, Courtleigh by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS
5-5: LIFE Private House Party, St Andrew Hills by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS
5-6: Independent VoYces Fair Robin’s Bay, St Mary by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS
21-29: First Caribbean Bank – Suite Jamaica by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS
17-24: First Caribbean Bank by Suite Jamaica of OAaSIS

Sharee Daley, Acting Exhibition Officer/Assistant Administrator 876-432-5542
Anthea, CEO/Projects Director 876-860-2638

Locally, event planning will be assumed by DJ Davonish. Meekel Beecher has committed to making and resolving all issues with video footage to post online.

Discussions are being held with persons abroad such as Tree Reid to plan functions for OAaSIS as a tour.

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