If you were there in 2010 when the first creative workshop series began, you just might want to join us during the final 2011 quarter. We resume our creative workshop series, as the dust from starting up he library gets clearer. By the way have you visited the Library area as yet?

The series is the first project of OAaSIS International Foundation, during the first operational phase of the Foundation mainly concerned with sensitising especially Jamaicans about “The Critical Role and Impact of the Arts.”
Presenters are pooled from both the creative industry and other fields.

See more videos on You Tube on the OAaSISintTV channel.


1. Creative workshop series
1a. – Kingston: Allman Town Primary (Part 2): Click to read more
1b. St Catherine: Sargeantville (Part 2): Click to read more
1c. – at Kingston: Port Royal (Part 2)
1d. – Kingston: Saint Theresa’s Prep (Part 2)
1e. – Kingston: Port Royal Pt 2 (Part 2)
1f. – Kingston: Trench Town Community (Part 2)
1g. – Ewarton High School (Part 2)
1h. – Kingston: St Georges Preparatory
1i – St Andrew: Rock Hall Primary
1j. Kingston: New Hope Preparatory (downtown Kingston)
1k. – Kingston: Hermitage
1l. – Kingston: Jones Town
1m. – Kingston: Holy Family
1n. – Kingston: New Hope
1o. – Kingston: Rockatowa
1p. USA: Florida: Biscayne Blvd (July/August)

Kingston: Rema

Kingston: Jungle
Kingston: Boys Town
St Catherine: Sligoville
St Thomas: Lyssons
Kingston: Tivoli
Kingston: Rock Hall Primary
USA: Washington DC
USA: New York
USA: Atlanta
BACK TO Allman Town Primary


For youth at the secondary level, assistance can be had on research papers for CXC examinations.
For students at the primary level, assistance can be had in literacy and numeracy through set art projects
For youth at the tertiary level, assistance can be had in doing research papers for thesis and other projects. Internships are available.

Co-ordinated by Malesia Frazer,and fFor all youth 0-25 and anyone who is young at heart, membership in the Pickney International Creative Youth club is possible. THE PICKNEY INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE YOUTH CLUB, which will be mostly by correspondence activity sheets and co-ordinated visits is being instituted to hone skills and ensure awareness on a continued basis, establishing long term connectivity. The club also assists with specific needs mentioned above on a more long term basis.

SPONSORSHIP is being sought to offset expenses including, travel, material, membership in the PIcyc club.

“OAaSIS empowers creative minds, creativity and mobilises strategic action, to accomplish realistic goals in THE REEL REAL SENSE!” – Anthea McGibbon

Schools, churches and communities are invited to submit a letter of request, or make contact through this site, or call 876-530-5744/876-812-7177


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