On Friday, April 23, upcoming artiste Kimberly Nain rocked the participants of the creative workshop series held at Port Royal Primary and Infant School by the OAaSIS International Foundation collaborating with the school and the community. She was one of four artistes arranged by Solid Agency’s Chris Campbell to perform, and, to give a pep talk to the participants at the series titled “The Critical Role and Impact of the Arts.”


As soon as Nain started some children opened even their mouths in awe as parents and neighbours rushed to the windows to glimpse at the source of her sensational voice, sending much melody through the airwaves.
They were not surprised to see Nain, student of UTech, who looked as beautiful and graceful as her voice sounded. She sang “Right Here [departed]” by Brandy and her orginal “Urge.”

Kimberly Nain hugs this student after she gets her certificate

In many ways, Nain along with 3 other artistes sent by Chris Campbell, complimented the day and added much motivation for the children. The artistes added by Solid Agency’s Chris Campbell were Boom Steppa, Keida, Kimberly Nain, Rollie Fresh.
Boom Steppa was as sharpe as his poise was when he stood his 6 feet, when he delivered two songs of ‘Peace’ and encouraging Port Royal with a tailored version of “Nah Stay Poor” (Port Royal wont stay poor). Rollie Fresh and Keida were next and impacting. Of course they like presenters painter Melhanie Spence and music workshop leader Jermaine Gordon, were mobbed for answers and autographs.
OAaSIS International Foundation with over 200 members on Facebook alone, and another 300 from the website subscriptions exist to network members of the creative industry and relating fields in empowering the creative minds of today’s youth. Fully endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Jamaica, it’s main objective is to enable the youth especially to understand the critical role of the arts in development and for success in all areas.
OAaSIS returns to Port Royal for a full creative workshop series on May 19,20,22.

Creative series puts students in gear for May
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