On Friday, April 23, OAaSIS International networking artists and businesspersons held a one-day-workshop series for Port Royal All Age students. Over 20 members of the creative industry and a few arts lovers such as Michelle Maitland representing Scotiabank volunteers came.
The Foundation worked in collaboration with Mr Renaldo Barnett and Ms Sancia Gordon representing the community and Mr Owen Speid as principal of the school, once known as Port Royal All-Age.

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The day was an introduction of a 3-day workshop series slated for May, where the children will do actual projects to learn about the usefulness of the arts in society and other aspects of education and development.
At Friday’s workshop they were nothing less than eager to hear, learn, participate in all sessions, a clear indication of an appreciation for the arts.

Kimberly Nain hugs this student after she gets her certificate

The day, which was largely musical, went well for some 200 children and parents tightly packed into the hall at Port Royal Primary and Infant, as the sun scorched the original patio area planned for the series. A lot of parents came, peeped in and left as the new space could not hold everyone.