Some could see him as a Jamaican Obama, others as a snob. Either way Andrew Holness is humane and destined for greatness. For now he seemingly is shaping up to be Jamaica’s newest rising Prime Minister, as many Jamaicans are securing their VoTING power.

On facebook there are foreign Jamaicans asking WHAT IS SO SPECIAL about Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s Minister of Education?
Here are just a few of thoughts on the man founder Anthea McGibbon met personally.
1. He challenged Anthea McGibbon before endorsing the foundation – OAaSIS International Foundation empowering Jamaica’s creative minds of Jamaica’s youth

Andrew Holness: Is that the Prime Minister's pose already?

SO FAR::: HE’s got or will
wilingness to learn,
a listening ear,
willing to admit wrong,
willing to apologise for being an offense to others,
not a push over, ability to adopt and lead and forsee,
he faces challenges as much as he gives challenge FOR BETTER
willing to investigate all sides,
strive for balance,
strive to work and influence others to ‘wuk with wat you got till betta com’, don’t worry.. his outlook on education and more involves the elderly,
does not have broken sticks in his eardrums,
willingness to support initiatives IF to yield a collective good result
willingness to support creative power even when strapped

willing to work throughout the entire Jamaica — humane
… more lata..

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