I know some of you are going to opt to email us… write therefore to admin@oaasisinternational.org

OAaSIS International Foundation has improved its offerings to the public once again. This time with a unique fundraiser, members get benefits, and the foundation earn towards its projects such a libraries, workshops.

For more benefits such as ‘client’ priority from participating service providers, discounts on services by service providers such as writing, videopgraphy; discounts on upcoming workshops, discounts on fees upgraded members who participate assisting in contributing towards varied earning projects —

Members, new and existing are GO FURTHER.. Sign up for BRONZE MEMBERSHIP for just J$1500/US$20 per year.
Upgraded members will get membership pledge page and more to keep them abreast on events, specials and more.

OAaSIS International Foundation operates not-for-profit so your money goes towards our projects and administration.

Dont’ delay.. STEP UP today!!!!

LIST of participating service providers at THIS LINK

a. put direct to National Commercial Bank (NCB)

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