OAaSIS International Foundation recognises the power of the creative mind. Even more exciting is the diversity of skills that can be found, and the impact when persons of various skills unite.
Jamaica’s motto is “Out of many, one people.” This means that in Jamaica, and dare anyone say more than any other country around the world their is a unique richness brought about by the coming together of many cultures. For it is owing to the fact that many persons from rich culture backgrounds come together, and although maintaining their unique intrinsic values and identities, they have somehow managed to merge into one human fabric — A Jamaican people.
As many persons have come together, so have many skills and resources.
Jamaica is truley reflective of the term “Out of Many, One People.

The following is a list of cultures and races who have come to Jamaica’s shores, now formi g a part of the rich culture of its people. Click on any from the list for a brief of more. [The dates preceding are the dates the articles were published on www.antheamcgibbon.com.

APRIL 2: The Taino
APRIL 2: The Chinese
APRIL 2: The Irish
MAY 8: The English
JUNE 8: The Portugese Jews
JUNE 27: The Lebanese and the Syrians
AUGUST : The Spanish

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