Below are links to all the reports as submitted by students at St Theresa. They are overwhelming and a true outpouring of gratitude from St Theresa students. Some have been published in main printed media too. Please click on any of the names below for reports from each student.

Report by Alexia Brown 6G

REPORT by Kareem Bowley, St Theresa Prep

Report by Kameika Smiles, St Theresa Prep

Report by Tshara Plummer, St Theresa Prep

Past student Mark Foga who now has a music school hosts a motivational session.

REPORT by Abigail Bryan

REPORT by Tyrese Powell

Report by Bre-Annatyn

REPORT by Brandon Grant St Theresa Prep

Report from Brittney Blake, St Theresa Prep

REPORT From Akeem Brown, St Theresa Prep

From Marlon Reid, St Theresa Prep

REPORT from Yagyn Scott, St Theresa Prep

Report by Carvell Redwood, St Theresa Prep

Report from Joel Brown, St Theresa Prep

REPORT by Marvel Francis, St Theresa Prep

From Danel Thompson, St Theresa

From Danielle Gordon, St Theresa Prep

Report from Jordan Jones, St Theresa Prep

From Devante Williams, St Theresa Prep

From Ashley Ann Davis Grade 6G, St Theresa Prep

From Crisonya Powell, St Theresa Prep

Another report written by Jetaime-Sharon Morris, St Theresa Prep

DAY ONE at St Theresa
DAY TWO at St Theresa

Creative workshop series loved for Jamaica’s child month
OAaSIS creative series appreciated for Jamaica’s child’s month

Students Reports St Theresa Prep

Video Clip Cordel Green endorses at St Theresa’s

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