Labour Day 2011 was a happy day for children and adults alike, especially those so inspired to support the Labour project on Monday 23 – reparing the building donated for the LIBRARY being set up by the OAaSIS International Foundation.

The HANDS and HEARTS that turned out ranged from the “older,’ the YOUNG and even the BABIES!!!!.

ANTHEA McGIBBON PHOTO: Children from Sargeantville and surrounding environs wait anxiously to browse books donated for the library. Outside the building is being repaired by citizens.

There was a WONDERFUL air of EXPECTANCY and WILLINGNESS as EVERYONE worked in whatever sphere NECESSARY to get the job done – even in the RAIN!!!.

BOOKS were written up (MANY, MANY, MANY, did I say MANY?). And both adults and CHILDREN alike were MORE than happy to join in and help with this part of the job.

The CHILDREN were way too EXCITED to see the books – NOT ONLY to want to read them, so there were loans of BOOKS to sit and READ with instructions to “PLEASE be kind to them and take them right back when you are done.” This continued ALL through the day as they, bless their little hearts were SO EXCITED at the prospect of ALL these books and then eventually LIBRARY SPACE.

MAJOR work was done to the LIBRARY SPACE, as the PICTURES will show; with BOTH men AND women mixing and CARRYING cement to put down the FLOOR of the library.

The SPIRIT of WILLINGNESS and SOLIDARITY was very evident and it is APPARENT that with CONTINUED SUPPORT that this project WILL get FINISHED in a TIMELY manner.

Please continue to OFFER your support in BOTH cash and kind as we make THIS as well as OTHER such VERY IMPORTANT projects, POSSIBLE!!!!.

Volunteer Calvin Beckford pulls up damaged flooring of Library for work planned for Labour Day 2011.

Over 10,000 residents, mostly the youth will benefit from the library, which is the most immediate project of the Foundation members pausing from the slate of creative workshop series.

The foundation is headquarted at Gallery Barrington and operates to empower the creative mind of today’s youth. More on the entity can be accessed at


The combined team seeks assistance with material and hands on assistance for the library.


zinc sheets, cement, boards, boards for shelves(see below), nails
computer, chairs, desk


assistance with categorising books

labour to refurbish part of building recently damaged,

labour for painting with Berger paints,

refreshments for work projects and opening



The team members seek funds to acquire a stamp or stickers to label books

The team members have a carpenter willing to build the shelves at a nominal charge, so we seek funds

The team members seek funds to clear the books

The team members seek funds for refreshments


All contributions to the overall

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