Kameika Smiles
Written May 11

At the OAaSIS International workshop series, I learnt a lot from Aunty Stacey, and a man named Uncle Sydney Jumpp. He is employed to Berger Paint. He has been at Berger Paint for 27 years. He is the supervisor for the tech area.

The first day we talked about Arts and more. The berger can 2020 it has no smell. Red stimulates the habitat IT MAKES YOU Want to peee.
This lady named Aunty JoAnn, she sang a song named respect. She played some instrument in elbago. She is an ethnomusicologist.

A man named uncle Jermaine taught us how to be happy always and to shut out the negative voices and think positive.

Babatunde told us a story about when he lost his mind. He is a lawyer and he loves his work.
Mr Foga and his family came. His sister was there too.
Aunt Stacey talked to us about arts and the teachers that were there. The three different types of arts are performing, literary and visual, and were were also told about culinary.

The magician showed us some cool tricks and it looked like it was real. It was a good thing that the OAaSIS International workshop came to our school we have so much fun. I really enjoyed myself. The magician was the best. It was so fun to be there. There were fun to talk to.

Report by Kameika Smiles, St Theresa Prep

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