May 11

For the last 3 days the OAaSIS international came to my school to teach us not only about arts but growing up in life and being a good person.
Aunty Stacey the advisor introduced the 3 major arts and they are: visual, performing and literary and also culinary.
A lot of people came and told us about life as a child.
I cant remember his name*, but he was very intelligent and polite. He did a lot of work to become a lawyer today.
My most inspiration was Mr Moo Young. He is a painter, photographer anything you could think of. His drawings are very realistic. Another person who really lively up the workshop was uncle Jermaine Gordon. He taught us how to get somebody to be happy.
I really enjoyed his performance.
Mr Mark Foga taught us a song, and I really enjoyed it. DJ Davonish he could mix music in a very creative way.
Last but not least Mr Babatunde he was a very polite man. He used to talk on the radio, but I don

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