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Report from Sargeantville on March 28 workshop series

Posted by on April 2, 2010

“Trust me, at the end of the sessions things were being viewed from a different angle, or should I say a better angle.”

By Barbara Henry, Secretary of the Citizens Association
The citizens of Morris Hall, Edward Piece, New Town, Paradise, and Whitter Hill were overjoyed by the visit of the OAaSIS Foundation who brought not only themselves but other motivational speakers.
They came to host a creative workshop series at the Sargeantville Church building on March 28, 2010. Persons in attendance were members of the Sargeantville church, Combined Citizens Association members, Youth club representatives, and friends and other citizens from the areas listed above.

CRAIG PHANG SANG PHOTO: The calm of the countryside envelops the OAaSIS team and all present for the creative workshop series.

The OAaSIS speakers gave us the will to go forward. So many persons were depressed and about to give up on dreams. “Trust me, at the end of the sessions things were being viewed from a different angle, or should I say a better angle.”
There was a mixture of songs, demonstrations of using simple things to make big things. Fabian Gabay, a youth from the Morris Hall community thrilled s with one of his poem. Fabian is ver talented, but needs help to finish school. His desire is to attend the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts to study art.
The community supports him with prayers that he may be awarded a scholarship to fulfil his dreams.
Key points taught by the OAaSIS speakers were as follows:
a) Always be on the alert to grasp the first opportunity that comes along, as an opportunity is always there
b) Strive towards the end, never give up that easily as a winner never quits, nor a quitter win. Block all negativities that are a hindrance towards success.
c) Hard work, sacrifice and dedication are the key to accomplish one

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