On Friday April 23, 2010, the OAaSIS International Foundation visited the Port Royal Primary and Infant School. There were persons from different professional areas that came to impart knowledge to the students that anxiously awaited. Among them were authors, song writers, artists, upcoming singjays and dancehall artistes. It was an interesting line up, that Port Royal family loved and appreciated.

Sara Taylor

The presentation began at twelve thirty, and ended around four o’clock pm. The presenters were informative, and had enough information to impart to the students. Jermaine Gordon, songwriter and author, had an interesting presentation that the students enjoyed. They were involved in writing a song called, “We can be,” where students were fully engaged. A representative from the Bank of Nova Scotia, Auntie Michelle Maitland, involved the students into the listening and read of the story entitled, “Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band.” Students loved the songs that were used at different intervals during the story.
Mr. Craig Phang Sang told the students about his job as a filmmaker, and his journey to becoming such an accomplished professional. The photographer, Howard Moo Young and painter Auntie Melhane, allowed the students to do creative drawings, and painting with their hands. Students enjoyed this activity as Art and Craft is a subject loved by all age groups represented. The highlightof the day were the upcoming reggae and dancehall artistes, Rollie Fresh, Boom Steppa, Kimberly Nain and Mackeida also known as “Keida.” Students had a grand time singing and dancing to their songs.
The visit from the OAaSIS International Foundation was informative and interesting. Students were involved, and enjoyed being entertained by the professionals.

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