OAaSIS Minutes September 21, 2011
Written By Asst Admin Secretary Saneika Stewart

Meeting commenced: (10: 45 am)
On September, 21, a meeting was held at 3 South Avenue, Kingston 5. The meeting was in follow up to an interview session held the day before and a week before, where Jamaicans were fielded for several posts advertised.
Present were persons who were working specifically with the Pickney International Creative Youth Club (PIcyc). These persons would over time meet with other critical members of the Foundation at least by the resuming of the next workshop series hopefully in October.
Anthea McGibbon – CEO
Saneika Stewart – Volunteer Assistant Secretary. She was told again that formal introduction and communication needed to be maintained with Mrs Marvette Camille Facey Dobbs, first secretary and Director Dwane Forbes.
Sharee Harley – Assistant Exhibition Administrator / Fundraising Administrator
Malesia Frazer

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