Plans have now been finalised for the Creative Workshop Series (CWS) at St Theresa’s Preparatory. This was done in a meeting on Monday, February 22 between principal Mrs Diane Taylor, art teacher Mr Earl Fyffe and OAaSIS Founder, Anthea McGibbon.
Assistant Project Director Melhanie Spence had been present at the introductory meeting with both Mr Fyffe and Ms McGibbon.

SIMON THOMSON PHOTO: Founder Anthea McGibbon(left), Assistant Projects Director Melhanie Spence(right) with art teacher Earl Fyffe who taught them both, while they were at St Theresa's, and where he still teaches. It was the first meeting to introduce the Creative Workshop Series to Saint Theresa's Preparatory.

Although it is not a public school, and possesses teachers of dance, music and art, rest assured the series is very needed. Particularly as just the basics of the basics of basics is being shown to the students. So in the ‘sensitising phase of OAaSIS, we will bring the CWS to that school. After all, through OAaSIS we team together to empower the creative mind of today’s youth. Please see schedule below and sign your participation by March 29.

TITLE: Creative Workshop Series — “The Critical Role and Impact of the Arts”
LOCATION: Saint Theresa’s Preparatory, 61 1/2 Deanery Road, Kingston
DATE: May 4,6,7 (During Education Week of Child’s month)
TIME May 4(8-11); May 6(12-2); May 7(12-3). NB: May 5 is Teacher’s Day

For each day there will be three sections, in which your participation will be required (Motivation; Workshop; Project) in person, video, audio or work.
(1) MOTIVATOR where you can share about your career path, or anything relating and contributing to the development of children
PROPOSED LENGTH 12:00-12:15 (15 minutes)
(2) WORKSHOP where you can make a presentation involving the children
PROPOSED LENGTH 12:15-12:45 (30 min) or 12:45-1:45 (1 hour) or 45 minute slots BUT PREARRANGED beforehand with other workshop presenter
(3) PROJECT where you can display or share your work through audio or video presentation, or as a live performance or exhibition.. or (b) through an actual hands-on-project such as assisting the children to prepare a painting or poem or skit or song etc.
MAY 4:
8:00-9:15: Opening Ceremony
MAY 6:
12:00-12:15: MOTIVATOR: Expressions|Personalities as strokes, shapes, lines
12:15-12:45: WORKSHOP: Arts in your community|Careers in Arts
12:45-01:45: WORKSHOP: Storyboard started
01:45 – 02:00: PROJECT(The Critical Role of the Arts in the Development of the child)
MAY 7:
12:00-12:15: MOTIVATOR: Linking Arts to Hearts and other areas
12:15-12:45: WORKSHOP: Production|Art Tools, Trades, Tricks of the Trade
12:45-01:45: WORKSHOP: Storyboard ended
01:45-02:00: PrOJECT: (The Critical Role of the Arts and Impact of the Arts)
02:00 -03:00: Closing ceremony

Please confirm your day of participation and your method and section as soon as possible. We would love to have an idea as to how many persons, and the format. Especially in preparing the certificates.
OTHER CREATIVE WORKSHOP SERIES are being scheduled for communities, and schools including:
Seargantville, St Thomas, Port Royal (1-3 days only)

Where you are unable to attend, please consider making a donation, however small. You will receive advertising space on the website, the event or a small token expressing and confirming the appreciation of those who benefit. Plus proper accounting of the same.
Bless You all!

DAY ONE at St Theresa
DAY TWO at St Theresa

Creative workshop series loved for Jamaica’s child month
OAaSIS creative series appreciated for Jamaica’s child’s month

Students Reports St Theresa Prep

Video Clip Cordel Green endorses at St Theresa’s

Schools, churches and communities are invited to submit a letter of request, or make contact through this site, or call 876-797-7297

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