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Love the creative way within the OAaSIS

Posted by on March 19, 2010

Creative persons by nature speak their minds and set their souls free.. and indeed much progress is made. However, when it comes to children in learning, and under development we must teach them that without high grades in academia, skills etc, they cant even think about attending the “Feisty College.”

A must download and reuse photo seen on the website.

So good manners should be taught to children. For sure enough when good manners are learnt, children –
feel good about themselves
are less disruptive
are better focused
have a sense of pride and purpose
deal with life easier
learn socially acceptable and responsible behaviour
are less selfish
get along better with friends, family, foes.
Respect, kindness, courtesy, love, sensitivity, thoughtfulness overcomes a multitude, and believe it or not, most times makes the individual child motivated creatively to achieving.
This is what can unite us, as unique individuals and make us truly creative.
Every adult, regardless of circumstances should strive to be a role model, in at least one principle, for the sake of the present and future generation and advancing the same. In at least one principle lets give one child something to emulate!
Lets do it consistently as repitition of anything makes it second nature.

In the end encourage a balance in their lifes with positive reinforcement, through praise and recognition.

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