Children at the Port Royal Infant and Primary School had a jolly time at the Creative Workshop series of the OAaSIS Foundation on the opening day, Wednesday, May 19.
The purpose of the workshop series is to expose students to as many facets of the arts (visual, literary, performing, culinary) as possible, with the hope of inclining participants to both utilise their innate creativity and portray good values. The multifocal purpose also includes enabling participants to use creativity as a tool for success in other areas, as well as for personal development and problem solving as arts is engendered in education.
The event will run for three days. On Wednesday, it had children interacting with each other and the presenters in creative and sessions of literary, visual and performing, however mostly interactive in preparation for the remaining days. The response was overwhelming, with approximately 110 children participating.

PATRICK JAMES PHOTO: Winston Babatunde\

Volunteers from the arts lent their expertise, and their presentations were well received. Those presenting were Kirk Brock, DJ Davonish, Patrick James, Jermaine Gordon, and famed broadcaster Winston ‘Babatunde’ Witter. Two teachers participated. Mrs Muriel welcomed the team, while Ms Kamiesha Blair spoke on the creative accomplishments of Port Royal such as Pepita Little who is now a host on Intense.
Before the day ended Founder Anthea McGibbon engaged the students in question and answer sessions. While numerous students were anxious to share, Gilenae Blake came out the overall winner as she remembered most of the presenters, their names, their main points and what area of arts they represented. Although Winston Witter

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