Labour Day, 2011, saw the community of Sargeantville and nearby residents turning out to show appreciation for the efforts of the now deceased Pastor John Smellie.

Combining hearts as one from as early as 6:00a.m. children and adults came out to refurbish the building adjoining the Sargeantville Methodist Church. The building is the library being established in honour of the deceased pastor.


The library is the project of the OAaSIS International Foundation, whose CEO Anthea McGibbon worked with Pastor John Smellie and Pastor Everald Bailey for years in that area.

The current temporary committee was put together last Thursday, July 14 and includes:
Sis Barbara Henry
Pastor Clifton Brown
Rev Christine Benguche
OAaSIS Marvette Facey Dobbs
OAaSIS Anthea McGibbon



Either way, if you do have donations please contribute via any of the following methods. ALWAYS get a receipt and alert head office (876-978-7424), or secondary office (876-754-8146) immediately!

a. arrange collection by or delivery to OAaSIS agents in Jamaica, UK, USA or Canada:
PLEASE contact any of the following core team member:
contact Secretary Marvette Facey Dobbs 876-874-7211-digicel
Assistant Secreatary intern Cody 876-812-7177-lime
contact Public Relations officer Leighton Levy 876-561-4445
contact Public Relations officer Derrick Gassey Wilks 876-877-2715
Contact Sister Barbara Henry 899-1858 or Sharon Douse 425-6617 (both from library area) to advise them only so they arrange pick up
Contact Rev Eric Bailey 876-927-0037
contact Dwane Forbes, paralegal secretary 876-443-9443
contact Patrick James 876-373-6305
contact Anthea McGibbon 876-860-2638

b. put direct to National Commercial Bank (NCB)

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