Day 4: Creative workshop series at Allman Town Primary, January 13-22, 2010

The first workshop of the second week, Wednesday, January 20, was filled with anticipation and palettes were satisfied. Media personality Leighton Levy started the day promptly. Of course he was taken by surprise to learn just how many children knew him and knew the channel he appeared and the subject of his programme. This made his role as a motivator easier. The idea of having someone from the little black box, the tv, come alive in the classroom and as bubbly as ever, was all too welcomed by the children.
They clinged to his every word, filled with inspiration to learn what creativity meant, what the relationship between writing and broadcasting in journalism, had to do with the creative industry, and relating art to ‘natural living’.
After Levy, retired educator, Jerico Hanson speaking in still small voice, was boldly all about business. His session was on saving and entrepenuership. Aiding the children in identifying items that they would love to acquire in life, he explained the need to be focused, creative, and disciplined. On discipline he also spoke on “Having manners carries you a long way,” as he encouraged the teachers to begin actual financial earning projects with the students.
Then hecpromised to return in September for a report, as he donated the first mite to the ‘upcoming business’.

The day ended on a high note with Jermaine Gordon, a motivator himself heightening the spirits and energies of more than the children. Departing totally from what was expected of a blue collar accountant at the wharf, he knelt to talk with the children and rose b y his keyboard to teach them new songs of new visions. Of course, not before he gave them sound advice on the iportance of discovering theor skills early, and securing a good education regardless.
Although he didnt use the opprtunity to speak about salvation and church as a christian he motivated them on aspiring for God’s direction in their lives.
Then he encouraged the new talent discoverd on day 3, by Colonel Oscar Derby. This was followed by the newly-created song he taught “You cant get a job without education” to the tune You ca’nt get to heaven without salvation. Teachers and students loved this, and wasted no time singing along as they already knew and the melodious gospel message “You can’t get to heaven without salvation.”


(Whistling Frog (Sebastian Odgen)), P Gavin James graphics, Howard Moo Young (master at graphic design and photography, Print Xpress, Hot off the Press, Berger Paint, Burger King, Videographer Robin Chin, owner of Enhanced Realizm Studios and his team, Xclusiv Entertainment, Paralegal Dwane Forbes)


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