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CREATIVE WORKSHOP SERIES: Saint Theresa’s Preparatory, May 2010

By Shara  Plummer

AT  the  OAaSIS  international  Workshop  I learnt  from  Uncle  Sydney  Chung. He is employed  to  Berger Paints. He has been  there for 27 years, he is the Supervisor for  the  tech  area.

He showed  us a brochure. The Berger can 20.20 has no smell. Red stimulates the habitat, and  it make you  want urinate. They also taught us that the sun was gold, the leaves were green and hardship black,  although I knew that already.

Uncle Jermaine  taught us how to ignore things in different  ways like anytime someone is down we go in front of them and  said woo.

Babatunde is a Lawyer. He told us a story about when he lost his mind. Aunty Joanne taught us a song named  ‘Respect’  it was nice… it  even teach me how respect others better, it meant a lot to me.

Kemarch the magician was awesome. He showed us trucks, what I  never  saw  before. He was so so fun, I really enjoyed myself.

Aunty Stacey taught us about  three  different  types of art, Culinary, Liturary and visual art. She though us  most of things.

During the OAaSIS International Foundation  workshop I  learnt a lot I learnt more than I  thought I would  learn.

Thank you  OAaSIS International Foundation  for what you have taught me.

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