On Friday, November 19 Liguanea Club invited OAaSIS International Foundation to host it’s Art to Heart tour on location. The club celebrates its 100th Anniversary with a Sunday brunch, November 21, from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m..

Artists and artisans will unite to present the “ART TO HEART” tour which previews the ‘Swept Away by Jamaica’s’s beauties’ expo, Negril for December 6, 2010.

No performing or culinary artist will be present as the club already will be providing a mento band.

Liguanea-OAaSIS ‘Art to Heart’ tour is being held at Liguanea Club, 80 Knutsford Boulevard, 10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

There will be Fine Art, Craft, and as a special treat Face painting will be offered at a nominal fee.

Participating artists include:
Howard Moo Young | Ewan McAnnuf | Sharon Fox Mould | Barrington Watson | Anthea McGibbon
Ceasar | Starliner |
Jermaine Gordon
Barrington Watson

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