On behalf of the staff (and students)

By Cadena Lumsden-Walcott, Teacher
The OaASIS International Foundation Creative Workshop Series began on Wednesday, January13, 2010 with an opening ceremony hosed by our Principal Mrs. Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith. The day was well executed and supported by the students and parents alike. As teachers, we enjoyed the encouraging speeches and performances of the varied local celebrities. The first workshop was extremely beneficial to the older students, as Kamal Hines introduced the GSAT Games to the students. A number of teachers have since expressed an interest in securing these cds to be used in lesson delivery. One lucky student was ecstatic to receive a copy of the games for herself.

OMARO MAZLYN: For the school's library teacher Cadena Lumsden-Walcott (left), collects books (Colour My Thoughts and Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band) by presenters from founder Anthea McGibbon.

On the following day, the students were enthused. They were motivated by the likes of Donald Oliver, Malesia Frazer and Emma Lewis. Ms. Lewis encouraged the students to write, something that we the teachers have been encouraging in our classrooms. When she encouraged the students to write about interesting things they see, and places they visit, she touched our heart. She was