Come Tuesday, November 26, 2019 OAaSIS will host a mini workshop at the Padmore Primary School, Red Hills, Saint Andrew. The workshop continues the creative workshop series being hosted in Jamaican schools to sensitise students on the critical role and impact of the Arts. Recognising the lack of specialised visual art teachers at the primary level, Foundation spearheads these workshops in support of the National Curriculum in the Arts. Unlike music and drama are seen as specialist areas, more teachers who are not trained or experienced artists themselves are forced to tackle the task of teaching the subject based on their basic exposure at teacher college. The unfortunate thing is that these teachers believe art is easy because they can draw a line or make something, so there is a lack of foundation principles being taught and that with consistency.


Padmore Primary is plotted on a hill where numbered established artists reside, and this workshop will be one step to triggering relationships between the artists residing in neighbouring communities and the school.