• Creative Youth Club


The Pickney International creative youth club (PIcyc), by the OAaSIS International team is accepting applications for membership from youth 0-25 years and those feeling young at heart.


Following the deft impact of the creative workshop series, management of the OAaSIS International Foundation’s team founded the club (PIcyc).

Logo by Howard Moo Young

The creative workshop series are designed to sensitise youth on locations across Jamaica on the arts, and the club “keeps them exposed, empowered, trained, informed, guided” says founder Anthea McGibbon.

Everywhere the foundation has been so far have requested ongoing input of the entity, as well as requests are coming in other zones including from individuals, she says.

To put all projects of the entity into perspective, and considering that all members/volunteers do so within their time budget, the PIcyc is created to establish continuum in engendering the arts in education without replacing any teacher or existing institution.


High school students get assistance with their CXC papers on artists for example, while information on careers in general is shared with all youth.

The club continues to emphasise total arts and creative skills for development – literary, visual, culinary, performing especially through activity sheets at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Successful candidates at each level of the courses will receive a certificate.

Paying members get membership cards, lower club buttons fees, stickers, newsletter, discounts on services such as workshops and child fun entertainment services – see below, private classes, activity sheets and certificates on successful completion, and discount on purchases at participating locations. Tee shirts apply to specific Kingston locations not requiring mailing/delivery of course/activity sheets.

In addition, activity sheets will be mailed to or delivered to all members who are to expected to complete activities, then return the sheets to the head office for marking. After successfully completing each course level a certificate will be awarded.


Non paying members get email updates via free subscription on the website www.oaasisinternational.org, general answers to questions.

The PICKNEY INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE YOUTH CLUB, operating largely as a mailbox club, mostly by correspondence activity sheets and co-ordinated visits is being instituted to hone skills and ensure awareness on a continued basis, establishing long term connectivity, and in some cases after the creative workshop series official visits. The club also assists with specific needs identified during the workshop series on a more long term basis, without replacing teachers, institutions.


To join Pickney International Creative Youth club, an annual Ja$2,500/US35 fee.

Sponsor a child/youth or two today. Several youth have expressed an interest in being members, but being without funds, are in need of sponsors.. Please consider sponsoring. How about sending us a line.

Pickney International  Inc.

Pickney International (PI inc.) network is set up to provide wholesome artful entertainment for children that makes them JUST appreciate being youthful and placing growing up and adulthood in proper perspective.
Along with OAaSIS PI members stir the creative mind with clean fun, that continues way past slated sessions!!!

Children should be children, They should enjoy each stage of growth, they should be motivated to learn and to develop achieving their full potential. STRIVE to keep them happy just the way they were meant to be

PI SERVICES up for discounts to club members only:

(PI partnering companies/independent contractors cater to children INTERNATIONALLY with varied products and services which do not come under the umbrella of the not-for-profit Foundation, but include…)
CLOWNS, craft, masks, WORKSHOPS, treasure hunt, magic tricks, BALLOON SHAPES, various rides, bOUnCEaBoUTS, rockclimbing, scooter, FACE PAINTING, paper sculpture, PAPER ART, papier mache, BODY PAINTING, games, games, games, GAMES, art classes, CREATIVE WORKSHOPS, Costumes, Props, HOUSE

teeshirts, photography, caps, flash cards, educational computer games

PI website @ Child Fun Jamaica



  • Currently sponsorships for children across Jamaica are being sought to cover expenses for coursework documents and certificates. To sponsor a child you pay US$30 per year. At www.oaasisinternational you get more information on this dynamic opportunity.