In Jamaica, the career of blogging is little understood, but is fast catching on. Several persons can master this career especially if you have had some experience and an affair with journalism.

Blogging itself, on a website or on an actual blog is perhaps the latest career for visual and literary artists alike. Well more for the visual artists. You either work for someone, or work for and with yourself. Still having room to employ and be employed.

Even with the advent of facebook and instagram, blogging has its place for several reasons.

To do this job effectively, and make a living, you must commit to writing, jotting, blogging electronically. Its all about communicating to the reader, or in some cases listeners.


Above all, a knack for writing, communicating is relevant. As with the field of journalism, some bloggers enjoy a successful career without formal training or degrees. There is on the job training and then there is opportunity through journalism marketing for example.

The topics are the easiest to have. You are influenced by the needs of your readers, and your own experiences.

You create a name that reflects your theme and attracts your audience.

Once you have built a website or a blog, you find a host or a home. Hosting companies that rock are GoDaddy and Websitespot for example.

If you need a home, or umbrella host, you may want to try using, wordpress, or even Bear in mind that some of the revenue for your work will be theirs not yours.


Your best employer is you. you decide your space, your hours. However the less resources you start with the more tedious the task of growing your business/ career.


Being entrepreneurial is what is being promoted. Several ways of earning include:

a. Subscribing for earnings through Adsense (The more traffic you drive to your site, the higher your earnings, especially if you maintain a site of unique content or sought out writing styles). offers a good adsense package even though they rightfully get the lion’s share of the earnings.
b. Sourced independent advertising contentc. Journalism marketing
d. Personal and relating services and goods offered
e. Pay per blog
f. Blof network
g. Blogtorials
h. Blogtisements
i. Content shares


Dont forget that in this electronic era, you will be required to pay taxes at some point. is a US based company and as such, you may be required to declare a US tax status or even apply for a Tax Registration Number (TIN). If this happens consult the treaty between the two countries to avoid paying double tax.



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