It is not our policy to operate for profit.

It is our policy that no payment outside of operation expenses including administrative or contract services are to be made from an sums of this nonprofit Foundation.

It is our policy to garner some funds through membership fees and donations. This began officially on October 1st, 2016 with the advent of the first project to have begun in over two years of hiatus. Owing to increased demands of the schools and communities and challenges faced with importing material for student workshop, we have had to implement this measure.

It is our policy that any person who chooses to work (for financial gain or profit) with a partnering or affiliate company and be hereby recommended or offered same opportunity MUST either
a. commit in writing to a one hour per week of volunteer work to the foundation
b. have already completed at least 15 hours of volunteer work with the foundation up to application time or time of offer for employment to gain financial benefits

In order to earn profits, this foundation commits to registering a separate arm/ entity for that purpose, or to be financially supported as the beneficiary of another group, individual or entity with such monies given as donations.