This library will expose and detail careers within the creative industry (performing, visual, litereary) and relating fields (such as taxation, accounting, legal representation).

This online library is being created for the following reasons:
1. The number of persons especially Jamaican and Caribbean nationals who remain clueless on careers (and critical details) within the art industry practicably beyond the internet
2. To expose practitioners in the varied areas of the creative industry and related fields such as consultant or lawyer or promter or agent, at least their expertise, for the benefit of those who seek their particular skills or knowledge even as clients or for consultation
3. The number of students especially who visit the website for guidance with career choices
4. The number of persons who visit the website for guidance through realting careers, and knowledge on the Arts
5. To improve the knowledge base of Caribbean nationals and the co-ordinating of the same
6. To enable a better understanding of the Arts among non artists, non artistes, non artisans as well as members of the creative industry
7. To contribute to the structurng of pricing


Please make yourself available as reference to be interviewed (at your location or ours or even by phone or email) to be featured or for supporting information. As a preference persons with over ten years experience will be shortlisted.

Please make a financial donation so that we can offset expenses for the team of writers, videographers, and photographers and editors who donate their SKILLS on a voluntary basis. Expenses may include travel and equipment or material or refreshments as in some instances the team may travel to varied locations
You can make arrangements for an advertisement to appear as a sponsor on the site, or the relevant article or you may also use the opportunity for a feature on your company on the relating website

You also have the option to secure selected number of my services as an arts and communications consultant, where a percentage is to be donated to the project
Please also consider making a similar partnering arrangement where possible in relation to your products or services.

Visit the library already started
Click on the links to read more about the careers, or to see where you can help. Where we have more than one persons, we will be adding your site as a link from that career option after the details.