The OAaSIS Family can have updates through televised broadcast, courtesy of the increasingly popular services.
Currently, OAaSIS International Foundation networks members of the creative industry and relating fields in empowering the creative mind of youth; advancing their development in all areas.
Official videographer is Robin Chin, owner of Enhanced Realism Films, who produces and edits films, and official photographer is Simon Thompson also from Enhanced Realism Films.

On, the foundation’s televised productions are shown under the name OAaSISintTV, abbreviated from OAaSIS International TV.

Here’s the first recording done. The occasion was at the Allman Town Primary, where the Foundation hosted its first in the Creative Workshop Series.

Those featured on the 9:23 clip are:
Kamal Hinds who gave a workshop on his GSAT Games, which enables children to prepare for GSAT examinations while having ‘fun’
Cordel Green (Attorney-at-Law, also executive director of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica) who endorsed the event
Patrick James who is a graphic designer
Farenheit (singer, actor, graphic designer, musician, dancer, motivator) who is a patron of the Foundation. He along with OAaSIS founder Anthea McGibbon attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts