One of Barrington Watson’s most impacting show! So impacting that two of Jamaica’s Prime Ministers, a governor-general and leading businesspersons were among those who attended to see the unveiling of his portrait of US Ambassador Her Excellency Brenda LaGrange Johnson, bearing an uncanny resemblence.
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Barrington Watson
Barrington Watson

On November 9th, 2009, just a day before the birthday of founder Anthea McGibbon’s birthday, Master painter Professor the Honourable Barrington Watson, OJ informally agreed to be a patron of the OAaSIS International Foundation. In his words he was merely passing on a ‘baton’ for her through OAaSIS to complete another chapter in the development of Jamaica’s art history, before she passes it on herself.
Barrington Watson is no stranger to founding similar organisations himself.
Among his many accomplishments, he is responsible for art being added to the curriculum within schools.
Along with Edna Manley, Barrington Watson is one of the most outstanding critical contributors to Jamaica’s art history.
He also while teaching at the University of the West Indies, founded an art appreciation course there in the 1960s.
Today, totally blind in one eye, and almost blind in the next, he adds consultation to the things he must do.
Back in 2007, Barrington Watson was the real motivation which led to Anthea McGibbon becoming a prolific art critic, which she extends to all creative expressions carving a niche of loyal readers for herself.
Among the factors that impress her is the fact that all Barrington Watson’s children are accomplished artists themselves, in addition to the master artist’s own brother, a successful writer. This is one main influence, as the family together is a model on the results of serious committment and understanding of the arts.

Barrington Watson Exhibitions 1994 to present

In tribute to the ardent support of persons such as Barrington Watson, Wayne Chen, Alexander Cooper, Rex Nettleford, Bryan McFarlane, Delano McFarlane, she further created the OAaSIS International Foundation to assist especially the youth in realising their potential as creative persons.
Other persons who will be approached include Alexander Cooper, master painter.

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