In a meeting on Thursday, March 18th the Honourable Minister Andrew Holness committed support for the Foundation. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Education at its Heroes circle location.
The move will be reflected in a letter to the foundation heads and official placement on the ministry’s website.

The Honourable Minister Andrew Holness
The Honourable Minister Andrew Holness

The overly cautious and critical thinking Minister was quick, in the meeting, to pledge support only after months of deliberation over information he had already received on the entity. The onus is now on the Foundation to ensure that the decision will not “turn around to bite him.”
It is also hoped that the Minister will be able to make official visits and presentations to those recognised, participating or rewarded during the phases, especially at the creative workshop series.
At the meeting principal of Allman Town Primary, Mrs Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith also shared very briefly on the impact of the foundation, and its networking of members of the creative industry to answering her many calls for assistance with the Arts.

The Foundation’s current project is a creative workshop series for as many schools, communities, churches as possible where youth (0-19, 19-21) can be found.
The main objective of the series are:
1. engender the arts (literary, performing, visual) in education, recognising its importance in personal development
2. empower creative minds of today’s youth, and towards success in all areas they explore
3. execute fundraising projects with relating persons for the purpose of sustaining the foundation, and funding the creation of needed educational material such as books on our culture, arts and creativity.
4. assist in spreading the brand of sponsor company(ies)
5. incorporate computer skills with the Arts
6. provide basic mobilisation for developing a healthy appetite to learning
7. provide services geared to assist in career building and development in careers related toward involving the arts, in collaboration with Pickney International

Till year end, 12 areas have been slated. They include:
Allman Town, January 13-22
Sargeantville, Edward Piece community, St Catherine March 28
Port Royal, April 21,22,23
St Theresa’s Preparatory, May 4,6,7
Trelawny(at the Town Hall), June
Trench Town, July 17
St Thomas
Tivoli Gardens
Jones Town
New Hope Preparatory(Downtown Kingston)
BACK at Allman Town Primary

At the first workshop series held at Allman Town in January Mr Cordel Green, head of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica endorsed the Foundation, and its slated activities. Former broadcaster, Mr Green is also an Attorney at law.

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