She went there alone, as the usual spokespersons were either off island or otherwise engaged. Even her singers brought to offer were support had to leave by the time her interview was to begin. It turned out best for the foundation she went to talk about however, as soon after the interview a partnership between Anthea McGibbon as OAaSIS founder and Rev Herro Blair Jnr of the station was forged.

LOVE tv’s Rev Herro Blair Jnr has agreed with OAaSIS founder Anthea McGibbon to rotate art from it’s Suite Jamaica Gallery on the set of the television. This is just one project of the new partnership with the creative entity.

Suite Jamaica is the arm through which OAaSIS earns and sensitises about Jamaican artists and their creative work as well as raises funds for the entity’s projects.
Artists will get full credits, and the gallery will garner exposure as the promoting agency. In exchange Love Tv will benefit from added and improved decor by Jamaica’s fine artists for their variety of top line inspiration programmes.

This was initiated after an interview with Anthea McGibbon on November 9, 2011 which aired November 16 and for which a rebroadcast is promised, after several calls.

In her interview McGibbon highlighted the need to recognise and appreciate skills of Jamaicans as created creative and creating beings of creation.
She herself might be undertaking other roles at the station if all fares well.

Watch video on you tube OAaSISintTV channel.