Tshara Plummer
Written May 10

At the OAaSIS International workshops, I learnt from Uncle Syndney Jumpp.

He is employed to Berger Paint. He has been there for 27 years, he is the supervisor for the tech area. He showed us a brochure. The Berger paint can 2020 it has no smell. Red stimulates the habitat it makes you want to urinate.

[They also taught us that the sun was gold, the leaves are green and hardships black although I knew that already.]
Uncle Jermaine taught us how to ignore things in a different ways like anytime someone is down, we go infront of them and said woo.
Babatunde is a lawyer, he told us a story about when he lost his mind. Aunty JoAnn taught us a song named respect. It was nice, it even teach me how to respect others better.
It meant a lot to me.
Kemarch the magician was awesome, he showed us tricks what I never saw before he was so so fun. I really enjoyed myself.
Aunty Stacey taught us about the three different types of art

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