Dear team members,

If you are already on the list, or had intentions of joining our team for the art exhibition/ concert by SWEPT AWAY, Negril, here’s what you need to do.

A. confirm your interest as participant
or guest ( for an arm band)
B. As a participant, please
B1. confirm
B2. Submit photos of your work for the catalogue. $1,500.00 is recquired to offset printing of catalogue (You must also say the number of actual pieces or prints, sizes, prices to be made available.)
B2b. Performers, you need to submit phot or cd album cover for the same catalogue
B3. Do you already have a brochure, business cards etc, please prepare for distribution
B4. Please submit a biography of yourself and artwork OR
B4b. request relevant interview questionaire to have this done for you
B5. We are trying to get rooms at a discount, as only one room to keep all material will be provided
B6. Should you wish to conduct a workshop, please indicate. We intend to charge for some workshops slated for 15 – 60 minutes
B7. Ask us any question you might have

B8. If you can handle particpating in any of our concerts, please say. NOTE: I am currently negotiating doing a concert where an entrance fee is to be charged. Stick around for an update on this!

Register your name for an arm band and come prepared to purchase. Be sure to say day(s) of interest

Swept Away rooms are US$275
Travellers Beach Resort rooms special: US$65 per room with two beds

For more on the event click here.

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