LOCATION: 17 James street, Central Kingston

The creative workshop series on July 13 got off to a late start, but was lasting. Mr Peter Johnson, location manager and artists himself deferred to assist in monitoring the children this weekend.

The volunteers who assisted and conducted projects were Sandra Green, Juan-Marie Daswell, Danielle Barnett and Avery Barnett.
Twenty two children showed, although some of the ones who were added last week didnt make it due to other commitments such as the RISE programme.

22 children came out to the workshop, ten more than planned for the location. Still, at least six persons who were added last week didnt show due to previous engagements such as RISE and Football practice.
It was an absolute joy to hear these youth aged 3-13 belt out the National Anthem without any flaws. After the opening, the children were anxious to answer the quick quiz, and Dilandro got top points again for the second week. The group was given a quick motivational session and then split for workshops according to age.
Group A went outside to make pinatas using the papier mache method and cylindrical balloons. Group B remained inside to make face masks.
Outside the children aged 7-13 had a ball learning to use flour in a different way under the guidance and supervision of Sandra Green with Anthea McGibbon and Peter Johnson assisting.
The face masks makers were started off by Anthea McGibbon and then supervised by Avery Barnett and Danielle Barnett. Juan-Marie Daswell who has a fascination with photography assisted Anthea McGibbon and Peter Johnson to take photographs of the day’s activities.
The day according to the children was just as much fun as last week, but this week they loved having their photographs taken.
Refreshments were limited, and donations for materials are being sought from sponsors.

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